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Yeah, I decided to write something about me... finally xD
So where do I start?
I'm a really big fan of games, maybe I haven't played many but I believe I enjoyed these which I completed. Jak and Daxter is my favourite game series, it's pretty much the very first non-demo game that I had on my ol' PS2.
I love reading! It's like one of the best activities ever invented. My favourite types of books are fantasy and romance. 'The Witcher' written by Andrzej Sapkowski is my fave book series. I've also played the game and didn't like the first part. 'The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings' was more than perfect for me. I just can't wait for 'The Witcher III: Wild Hunt'!
Funny thing is that a year ago I was like "Bleh, I hate romances! I hate love! All you ppl just leave me alone!". And now? "Aw yis, 'The Host' is such an awesome book. 'Down and dirty', Jesus, I feel like I shouldn't read this book but I totally don't regret reading it <3". I'm not sure why I've changed my interests but I believe it's because of my very close friend, Kasia. She's a BIG fan of Gay-pop [read K-pop] and as we all know there are TONS of pairings among the bands. She kept talking about them and I gained more and more interest in them. No, I'm not a k-pop fan but because of her I don't really mind listening to this kind of music.
Speaking of music - Imma sort of metalhead. Maybe I'm not a true fan of metal who only accepts metal, wears metal and speaks about metal but I enjoy this type of music. The sound of guitars, basses and drums just make me shiver.
Well, my number one band is Hollywood Undead - these dudes are just freakin' amazing! One day, somewhere around December 2013, my elder brother, Simon, walked into a room and said "Hey, check this song out, it's called 'Dead Bite'". "The title sounds inetesring" - I thought and turned on the song on YouTube. "Dayum! This is a really good stuff! Lemme just listen to it one more time..." Aaand the addiction to the band had started.
Fun fact: I've known Linkin Park for way much longer, about four of five years I believe, and I know nothing about them compared to Hollywood Undead xD. LP has been my favourite band for so long and suddenly HU happened... I thought nothing's gonna change my decision about fave band - I've never been so wrong.
Every time I get on YT, I check if the site suggests me some Hollywood Undead interviews - I LOVE watching them, they are much more than hilarious. Well, it depends on the questions given by reporters...
These guys are just one big mistake but no matter what, I'm gonna stay with them :heart: The bond between them all is just amazing, they are like crew full of best friends who are very talented musicians and made it straight to the top. I've heard that they were no. 1 in Canada somewhere in the past, not long ago I believe. Being proud of them so much!
I could talk about them with no end but I guess it's not worth writing it in this journal xD

Oh! Here, :iconhukissy: - they write great fanfic about HU and have lots of awesome pics with 'em. [WARNING! If you don't accept homosexual pairs then you shouldn't read the fic]

Have a nice day~!
  • Listening to: Hollywood Undead - Outside
  • Reading: The Host
  • Playing: League od Legends


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Thanks for the fave :thanks:
No problem sweetie~ excited
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Thanks for the :+fav: on my white tiger pic :)
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